Wrapping up our first Whole30

30th March 2016 was the last day of our first Whole 30 diet challenge. Here’s what Rosa posted on Facebook (before we had this blog).

We made it to day 30 without any slipups and to celebrate we had omelette (my lunch), crispy chicken livers, golden cauliflower soup and zoodles with chili.

Golden cauliflower soup

Golden cauliflower soup

So without much ado here’s the low-down on our Whole30 journey.

First, here’s why we did it:

  • Rohan – because I asked him to
  • Myself – The last many months were pretty high-stress and not great health-wise. After following a pseudo-paleo diet for almost six years, we were kinda slipping and doing things we knew we shouldn’t be doing – like loading up on gluten-free junk. The Whole 30 was an effort to regain control over what we ate.

How we benefited:

  • My mood has improved – my happy face makes a more frequent appearance than my bitch face or sad face
  • About two weeks into the program I noticed that I woke up refreshed (never felt that way before) That lasted for just about a week thanks to the huge sleep backlog I built up
  • Feel more energetic and less bloated
  • No change in our weights but Rohan lost a few inches around his waist
Crispy chicken livers

Crispy chicken livers


Things we’re proud of:

  • Managed to go without dairy, grains, legumes, sugar (real or artificial), alcohol or additives for a whole month
  • As if the whole30 wasn’t challenging enough I took it upon myself to make it even tougher by deciding to cook something new every single day and never to repeat the menu… and I did it!
  • Cooked with vegetables I hadn’t cooked before like Jerusalem artichokes (which will turn you into a lean mean fart-machine), chicory (♥), kohlrabi – both green and purple, fennel, savoy cabbage. Even cooked chicken livers today!
  • Rohan’s photography skills improved tremendously which is evident in the pictures uploaded over the last month
Zoodles with chili

Zoodles with chili

Things we’re not so proud of:

  • Getting 8 hours of sleep everyday is an important part of the program and we didn’t manage to do that
  • We also didn’t eat enough occasionally and there were days when we ended up snacking on nuts / pork rind / fruits in between meals

All in all it was a great experience and thank you all for your interest and encouragement along the way… now, onto the reintroduction program!

And last but not least, buy the books! Buying from the link won’t cost you extra, but it will earn some referral income and help sustain this blog.

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  1. Congratulation on completing the whole30 and best wishes for the reintroduction program! That zoodles with chilli looks fantastic!


    1. Thank you, Abi!



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