Baking Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh’s lemon and poppyseed cake

Today I was craving cake!!! Many years ago when I went gluten-free, baked goods that were gluten-free were hard to come by. This meant that my consumption of junk food and sugary baked items automatically went down. This had an absolutely dramatic and positive effect on my health.

I didn’t stop eating sugar completely but had a simple rule – I ate whatever I made myself and if I baked a cake I had a piece and made sure I shared the rest so it wasn’t lying around and calling out to me all day.

That worked incredibly well for many years… So much so that I didn’t enjoy the store-bought gluten free cakes and other sweet stuff when they became readily available because they were way too sweet for my liking.

But 2017 saw me transform into a sugar fiend. I knew sugar was bad and saw how the sudden upsurge was affecting my health but I had a ready excuse – I had just given birth to a baby, I deserved this *insert sugary item of choice*

We’re in 2018 now, baby is almost a toddler, so I thought it’s high time I claimed my health back.

So, instead of making husband dearest rush out and buy a piece of cake I decided to bake Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh’s lemon and poppyseed cake (national trust version) instead and it turned out to be quite an incredible cake. Reminiscent of Nigella Lawson’s lemon and polenta cake but with a completely different texture.Here’s the recipe if you want to bake it too: used 150gm of sugar for the cake instead of 225gms that the recipe calls for and about 50gms for the glaze instead of 90gms.#ottolenghi #helengoh #ottolenghisweet #helengohsweet #lemonandpoppyseedcake


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