Dogma Utrecht and the quest for a gluten-free hotdog

Over a year ago when Dogma Hotdogs , Utrecht’s very own hotdog bar, opened its doors I remember writing to them to check if they had glutenfree hotdogs on the menu. Imagine my excitement when they said yes and I made up my mind to go there as soon as possible.

One year and zero hotdogs later Rohan and I found ourselves at Dogma. The decor is pleasant with a touch of spookiness which I liked. The restaurant is located on Voorstraat and if you manage to snag a table by the window you can watch other people going about their daily business and do more important stuff while you munch on a hot dog and sip wine.The restaurant is run by really friendly people passionate about… Hotdogs!

The hotdog itself was nice and they are quite creative when it comes to the toppings. But at the end of the day a hot dog for me is nothing but a glorified sandwich so I won’t be rushing to get another hotdog anytime soon.What I really loved though was the service. Since the ‘low-gluten’ bun was smaller than the regular bun I got an extra portion of the toppings on the side. This is a far cry from restaurants whose idea of a glutenfree dish is to remove the items containing gluten from the regular variant of the dish and replace it with nothing. Like the time I was served glutenfree peking duck which was just slices of duck meat without the sauce!!!

So, if you’re in Utrecht and in the mood for a hotdog you know where to go. If you have 1:50 minutes to spare (I know you do)check out the video above that Rohan made of our visit to Dogma.


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