Vegetarian cauliflower and paneer pakodas (fritters)

If Oggie is awake while I’m cooking I like to put him in his rocker and place him just outside the kitchen where he can watch me cook. This also gives us the opportunity to have deep conversations about the latest kitchen appliances, the ingredients I’m cooking with and smell some spices. Today when I decided to make these cauliflower and paneer pakodas I wasn’t sure about the kind of binder I wanted to use. So I held up two fingers and asked him to choose between chickpea flour and cornstarch. He very cutely grabbed both fingers with his hands and that ultimately ended up being a great choice.

Vegetarian cauliflower and paneer fritters

Vegetarian cauliflower and paneer fritters

Popped lotus seeds in a dessert!

When I connected with my schoolmates a few weeks ago little did I imagine it would trigger the start of a new kind of education – food education. Presenting makhane ki kheer made out of popped lotus seeds which until a few days ago I didn’t know existed, let alone cooked with.


Finding Netherlands

“I’ve forgotten my residence permit”, Rosa said as I waited for her on my bike. “I’ll be right back.”

I was a bit worried about making it to the ceremony on time. We should have left five minutes ago. This was important, even ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ important, and with none of the hyperbole that so often goes with that phrase.